About the Company

Ambler Art Group specializes in luxury wall decor. For over seven decades, we have utilized our discerning eye for quality materials and innovative design, placing us at the forefront of the furniture, design and hospitality industries. We are unique in that every picture is custom made and handcrafted by a team of skilled artisans.

Started in 1944, Ambler Art Group grew out of W. King Ambler's love of antique prints and engravings. King was an independent furniture sales representative whose great love of antique books and prints led to the creation of the company W. King Ambler, Inc. In the company's 70th year, the name changed to the current name Ambler Art Group.

King Ambler visited England and other parts of Europe after World War II where he purchased numerous antique books. Many of the sources he found on that trip are still used to this day. When his collection grew so large that his wife issued the ultimatum, "It's either me or the books," he began breaking the books apart and selling the prints to his various furniture accounts, thus initiating a new business.

In the late 1950's his son Richard entered the business and suggested to King that they begin framing the prints they were selling. At first, contract framers produced the pictures. Eventually they launched their own framing division of the company.

For several decades, Ambler Art Group grew and matured. The third generation joined the organization in the 1980's bringing talents that enriched the design, sales, marketing and operations departments. In addition, the hand-finishing department was established. During this time, we expanded our sales force to cover the entire country, doubled our sales, modernized our facility, and firmly established ourselves as the industry leader.

With the advent of the twenty-first century and technological advancements, Ambler Art Group continues to embrace growth and opportunity. Our digital printing department's foundation was built upon both the extensive library of antique books and the cumulative years of product design experience. Through our ability to digitally translate, manipulate and enhance images, we have developed our own exclusive line of products. Our line continues to grow every year and contains more than 3,000 images. Having access to the vast number of images and the immeasurable customization options, we have opened creative opportunities for years to come.

During the summer of 2018, Ambler Art Group was excited to announce a partnership with fellow artwork company: WJC Design. The WJC Design collection features a beautiful array of Luxury Coastal Sea Art, as well as an expansive collection of Intaglios, and other three dimensional pieces of artwork. The two lines compliment one another superbly and have a supreme dedications to producing the same exceptional quality and superior detailing that has always been a part of the Ambler Art Group line.