Previously Owned Artwork

Previously Owned Artwork Inquiry?

The following will answer your question about what you may own:

If you have inherited or purchased a piece of framed artwork that has a W. King Ambler or Ambler Art Group sticker on the back and are inquiring about it's value:

• We manufacture and sell fine, decorative artwork to wholesale trade members and deal in both antiques and antique reproductions as well as reproductions of original work by artists located around the country. Reproductions of original work may or may not be signed as part of a limited edition.

• Most of our product is not collectible, though some antiques may have some value of their own.

• Many of our records on older product were lost when the business moved years ago, so unfortunately we have no information on many of these pieces. The value of a piece is also highly dependent on current condition. Therefore as a practice we do not appraise any pieces and if you would like a value for insurance purposes, we suggest seeking out a local art appraiser.

• The majority of the time, the value of pre-owned artwork is more intrinsic than monetary.